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About Us

In the heart of Bengaluru's tech hub, Appkomp bridges the gap between financial strength and operational efficiency with powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. We're a comprehensive financial technology company, combining custom software development with cutting-edge ERP systems. Leveraging over 30 years of experience across diverse industries, we understand your unique business challenges. This deep market knowledge allows us to tailor our ERP solutions to your specific needs, empowering your business growth.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): Unlock Your Success with Deep Industry Expertise and Tailored Solutions.

Over 30 years of industry experience (real estate, healthcare, manufacturing, etc.) fuels our development of powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. This diverse background equips us with a unique understanding of each sector's challenges and opportunities.

We leverage this knowledge to deliver:

  • Industry-Specific ERP Systems: We tailor our ERP solutions to your specific industry needs, ensuring a perfect fit and optimizing your operations.

  • Data-Driven Business Insights: Our ERPs seamlessly integrate with your data, empowering data-driven decision making for financial health and overall business optimization.

  • Holistic Business Optimization: Our ERP systems go beyond just finance, optimizing both your financial health and operational efficiency for a holistic approach.

This experience fuels our ability to deliver:

  • ERP solutions that drive efficiency, agility, and growth: We can custom-build ERP solutions to streamline operations, enhance user experiences, or empower your brand with cutting-edge technology.

  • Strategic Business Guidance: Our deep industry knowledge translates into ERP solutions that support strategic budgeting, process optimization, and data-driven insights for confident business decisions.

This unique perspective, combined with our extensive experience, translates to customizable ERP solutions designed to propel your business forward.

Ready to unlock your full potential? Let's discuss your vision and challenges. With our 30+ years of experience and entrepreneurial spirit, we can help you build a future that's both innovative and efficient. Contact us today for a free consultation!


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Expanding Our Reach, Enhancing Your Experience: Services Delivered Through Collaboration & Technology

We understand that your needs are multifaceted, and no single company can offer every solution under one roof. That's why we leverage a powerful network of partners and cutting-edge technology to deliver a comprehensive and seamless service experience.

  • Complementary Services: Marketing campaigns, technology integrations, or financing solutions – all seamlessly connected through us.

  • Specialized Expertise: Legal advice, data analysis, or industry-specific guidance – we partner with the best to fill any gap.

Experience Seamless Integration:

Everything works together effortlessly. Imagine:

  • Unified Touchpoints: Access partner services and information with a single login, through our platforms, or via co-branded solutions.

  • Optimized Processes: Automated data transfer, joint service delivery, and streamlined customer support across all partners.

Technology Drives Your Advantage:

We provide:

  • Best-in-Class Software: Accounting, Payroll, project management – we have the tools you need.

  • Data-Driven Insights: Personalized offerings, optimized processes, and data-driven decisions for growth.

  • Automation & Efficiency: Free your team for strategic work with automated tasks and reports.

Collaboration is Key:

  • Clearly Defined Roles: Every partner understands their contribution to your success.

  • Open Communication: We ensure smooth collaboration and proactively address challenges.

  • Data Security & Privacy: Robust measures protect your information across all platforms.

  • Technology Integration: We handle compatibility issues for seamless software connections.

Partner with us and embrace technology. Unlock a world of possibilities, a more efficient operation, and sustainable growth.





IS0 9001:2015 I ISO/IEC 27001:2013

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